Our terms

Credit system

Users can buy credits with which to purchase processing in gigabyte packs.

Free credits

New users receive 1 GB of processing credit for free.

Free upload

Uploading .zip files is completely free of charge.

Privacy policy

When processing a .zip file, the .zip file's size (when compressed) will be used to determine how many credits to deduce from your balance.

If you don't have enough credits to process a particular file, it won't be processed and no credits will be deduced.

Your data will not be read by any unauthorized person. Once you delete your data from our application, it is gone forever.

Any behavior leading to compromise of our software will lead to a permanent ban and no refund will be possible. Refunding in currency (ie. not credits) is possible in special cases and will be resolved personally via email. Prices are specified by the price list inside the STRUCTUROUS application.

Uploaded data belongs only to customers, customers are responsible for its content.

If your data is unprocessable for some reason (less than 1% chance), we will refund your all credits for it back.

Conditions of use

Unethical behavior is strictly prohibited.
We guarantee maximal privacy for your data and you.