What we do

We take your files, recursively extract and perform many computations on the data to the greatest possible depth.

Your zipped files

The entry point for our service is your unstructured data.

Our solution

We perform many computations on your data to the greatest possible depth. We extract many types of entities from your files.

Structurous output

We provide facilities to search, filter and traverse your data in a user-friendly manner.

We extract
the following entities

IP addresses
Email addresses
Phone numbers
MIME types
Pictures OCR
Pictures Tags

Structurous - a powerful tool


Search for specific results in files by language. Or use glob patterns, for example search for an "EmailAddress" entity with the value "*@gmail.com".

Filter and sort

Filter and sort by all entity types, values, the number of occurrences and more.

Neatly arranged tables

We will provide you tables of all your found entities and make it easy for you to search and filter through them to pinpoint your key information.

Complex query

Chain filters and find all pictures by particular tags, or for example email adresses containing "john" or "@google.com”.

What are you waiting for?

New users receive 1 GB of processing credit for free.